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Clubhouse Rules at Your Chico Apartment Complex

Jan 22, 2019 9:19:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

friends playing poolOne of the benefits to living in a Chico apartment is the amenities that are offered to you both inside your apartment and around the complex. While each complex has its own list of outdoor amenities, there are some that are universal. For instance, each complex has a swimming pool, lighted parking, and BBQs. The biggest and best amenity we have is our recreation room, also known as a clubhouse, which is available at almost all of the Chico apartment complexes.

Depending on the apartment complex you choose you could end up with a clubhouse, tennis court, basketball court, sauna, Jacuzzi, BBQ, fitness center, business center, study room, on-site laundry, or a Caring Community Team! 

Out of all the amenities offered, the clubhouse is by far one of the best. Though, if you have your own decked out living room why would you want to use the clubhouse? Read below to take a look inside the typical clubhouse and see why all of our residents enjoy this amenity!

Inside Clubhouse

Each clubhouse has a different look and feel inside. When you walk through the doors it’s like walking into a giant family room. There are couches for you to sit on whether you want to just read a book by the fireplace or maybe watch something on the T.V. provided. There is also a pool table in case you want to challenge your friends to a game of 8 ball. Attached to the family sized living room is a communal kitchen along with a dining table which you are also welcome to use!

Here is a list of important rules you should know when it comes to hanging around the clubhouse! 

  • Only 2 guests per apartment (not resident) are allowed in the clubhouse and are to be accompanied by a resident.
  • Children under the age of 14 must be supervised.
  • Don’t hog the pool table or ping-pong table- if you can see people waiting for their turn relinquish your use after a half hour.
  • If applicable, turn off all lights, TV, and fireplace when leaving the clubhouse.
  • No glass containers or kegs are allowed in the clubhouse
  • No alcohol of any kind is allowed in the common areas.

Reserve the Clubhouse

Have a party you want to throw? Birthday, graduation, or maybe a baby shower (it does seem to be the season for them)? Then we have good news for you! You can rent the clubhouse for your personal party. Make sure that you make a reservation for your personal party with the resident manager at least 48 hours in advance, and a sign must be placed on the door notifying residents that the clubhouse will be closed during those specific hours on the date chosen. No reservation will be taken on legal holidays.

No personal party can exceed more than 4 hours. Each complex requires you to put down a deposit when you make your reservation, so contact your resident manager if you aren’t sure how much it will cost. The deposit is just in case something happens at the party. If everything is clean and intact when the party is over the deposit will be given back to you in full. The Chico apartment complex you choose or live in may also charge you a small rental fee, which you do not get back.

What the Clubhouse is Not

The clubhouse is intended to be used by residents and their immediate family as well as invited guests. It is not intended to be open to the public. The clubhouse is an amenity for paying residents, not a common place they have to share with non-residents wanting a place to hang out for the day.

Although personal parties are more than welcome to be held at the clubhouse with proper warning, it is not a place to have religious meetings, religious gatherings, church services, or bible studies. It is also not a place to have political meetings or use for commercial purposes.

When choosing an apartment to live in it is best to look at everything you are getting, including the amenities that you share with other residents. It’s also important to make sure you understand all the rules that apply to the shared amenities so that you can be a great neighbor!

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