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Check Out Our Sports Amenities at Hignell Rentals

Jun 28, 2016 10:25:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

group_playing_volleyballHere in Chico, we have beautiful weather roughly 75% of the year. Aside from the hot weather in the summer hitting triple digits and the handful of days where we have a wet winter, the sun is shining which is great to get outside and play!

We have gorgeous Bidwell Park in town but wouldn’t it be nice if you had something fun to do in your apartment? Here at Hignell Rentals we have great amenities that will satisfy any sports enthusiast.

Fitness Center

Cropped_Fitness_CenterWant to get into shape to reach your New Year’s resolution goals? Then moving into an apartment with a fitness center will not only help you reach your goal to hit the gym but will also help you stay within you apartment living budget.

Basketball Courts

Cropped_Basketball_NetIf you want to shoot some hoops before you start running your errands, then Hignell Rentals has the perfect properties for you! We have nice basketball hoops and courts that are waiting for you to take your moves to the next level!  

Tennis Courts

Tennis_CourtDo you want to be the next Andy Roddick or Serena Williams? Then our complexes with tennis courts are calling your name. You can start your day by practicing your tennis swing and of course your form. We know you will love this amenity. 

Volleyball Courts

Cropped_Volleyball_NetWere you on the volleyball team in high school and would like to rekindle your passion? We have complexes that are ready for you to hit the sand. The best thing about this is that you don’t need to drive 4 hours to find the beach. Save time and money!


Cropped_PoolWith our Chico heat, we have what you need to beat the heat! Our crystal clear pools are well maintained and are fun to lounge around in. So when you live at one of our complexes that have a pool you can invite some of your friends and enjoy the sun rays while you cool off.


At Hignell Rentals we want you to have a blast in our apartment complexes. So whether it's our fitness centers or the volleyball court we have amenities that will make your experience with us that much more enjoyable. 

Make sure you look for the list of Features and Amenities under the "Details" button when searching for an apartment to double check the one you're interested in has all the sport amenities you want!

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