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5 Hignell Rentals Resources that Make Moving a Piece of Cake

Sep 14, 2017 9:30:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

piece of chocolate cakeWhen it comes to moving to a new apartment, Hignell Rentals is your one-stop-shop. A place to find resources, get your questions answered, and have an easier time with your move. 

In order for your life to be a little less stressful, and a lot more sweet, we have created a list of our most helpful moving resources to help you get the job done. Sugar coat your moving process with these resources that help with everything from finding a new apartment, to moving, to settling in.  

Our hope is to make your moving experience smoother, so that you can be one of those rare people who says, “Besides the time it took, moving was a piece of cake!”

7 Tips tp Make Apartment Hunting a Breeze

Like ingredients to a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies when it comes to moving you've got to follow the right order. Start by looking through out 7 Tips to Making Apartment Hunting a Breeze to help you figure out when you've finally found your perfect apartment.

This resource lays out where you can begin looking, why you should always bring a friend with you to view a potential apartment, and why visiting the apartment at different times is crucial. This way you can make a carefully measured decision. 

7 Tips to Make Apartment Hunting a Breeze

The Ultimate Moving Guide

This guide will help you on the way to greatness! From asking the type of questions you should be answering -- such as, is your current lease up? what time of year is it? how far is your move? etc. -- to things to look into when hiring a moving company, this resource is the bossy know-it-all you need for a successful move. For the cherry on top, you'll get some need-to-know tips that will help your move go smoother, and a reminder list of services to transfer to your new apartment!Ultimate Moving Guide

16 Mind Blowing Tips for Moving

These outside of the box tips will help you make the moving process less stressful, and a lot more enjoyable. This list is helpful for pointing out commonly overlooked aspects of moving, and reminds us that preparation is key. Find out the clever hacks included in this resource that can help keep your things from breaking in transit. Trust us, this list is just as great as chocolate cake. 16 Mind Blowing Tips for Moving Out Before Moving In

Cleaning Checklist: For Your Move-Out Inspection

You have picked a new place to live, and have moved everything out of your old apartment, but you still need to clean it! And if you're like most people, you’ll want your deposit back. This resource comes complete with a checklist so you don’t miss anything, as well as tips on how to get everything spic and span. If you're looking for a guide to make sure you don't leave any crumbs behind, this is it. Download: Cleaning Checklist for Your Move Out Inspection

13 Things To-Do Immediately After Move-In

This list of 13 spectacular tips can help your home reach its full potential. Help your move-in be as smooth as possibly by knowing what your maintenance responsibilities are, best ways to organize and maximize your space, how to enter into communal laundry, and more! There is nothing sweeter than knowing your 100% moved in and everything has its place. 

13 Things To-Do Immediately After Move-In

Download Now!

Download these guides today, don't wait, make moving a piece of cake! If you want to cover all your bases, download them all. Be the new resident in your apartment complex who actually has a happy moving story. Settle into your new perfectly decorated apartment, sit back, and enjoy a slice of chocolate cake to celebrate. 

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