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11 Small Ways to Save Big if Your Rent Increases

Jan 3, 2017 10:15:00 AM / by Hignell Rentals Team

piggy bankLiving in an apartment, even apartments in Chico California, means that inevitably you’re going to get that letter from management saying your rent is increasing. This often happens around the start of a new year as new laws go into place or the cost of living is just getting higher. It can be frustrating and even frightening as you start to get those credit card statements that show your holiday spending. You start to realize you can’t possibly pay more in rent because you have to pay off those credit cards. If you find yourself in this kind of situation there are small ways that you can save big.

1.  Turn Off Lights When You Leave the Room

Leaving lights on while you aren’t even in the room can be adding to your electricity bill. Stick a post-it note on the wall that you’ll see as you walk out of the room to remind you, and consider switching to energy saving light bulbs.

2.  Brew Your Own Coffee

Deciding to skip Starbucks in the morning and brew your own cup of joe at home could save you as much as $4 a day, depending on how often you go.

3.  Have People Over Instead of Going Out

Instead of spending $10 on a movie ticket or $20 at dinner, have friends over to watch a rented movie and all chip in for a pizza. Check out the clubhouse schedule to see if there’s a trivia night or barbecue coming up at your apartment.

4.  Get Rid of Cable

Check your cable bill to see how much you’re actually spending and evaluate if it’s worthwhile based on how much TV you actually watch. You can look into alternatives such as Hulu or Netflix which have packages starting at just $7.99/month.

5.  Make a Grocery List Before Going Shopping

It’s easy to make an impulse buy when grocery shopping, especially if you’re hungry. Make a list beforehand and then stick to it! Take it a step further and read weekly ads to see what items are on sale that week.

6.  Sleep On it Before Making a Large Purchase

If you “need” a new TV for the big game on Sunday, don’t like the color of your sofa or want to take advantage of the deal on plane tickets to the Caribbean that just came through your email, wait 24 hours to give yourself time to process the idea. You might come to realize your TV is fine, that sofa won’t even fit in your apartment, and you don’t have any vacation time left at work.

7.  Give Up a Habit

If you buy lunch every day, can’t live without your monthly pedicure, or always buy that magazine when checking out at the store, consider giving it up or at least tailoring back. Bring your own lunch 3 days week, paint your own toenails, and only buy the magazine with articles you’re really interested in.  

8.  Cancel Your Gym Membership

If you’re living in apartments in Chico California that offer amenities like a swimming pool, walking trail, or fitness room, then you don’t really need a gym membership at all. Plus, you’ll save on the gas it took to drive you there and back!

9.  Clean Out Your Closet

Go through your closet and cupboards and make a pile of things you no longer want or use but are still in good condition. Try selling them on Craigslist, finding a friend who will let you have a yard sale at their house, or taking them to a consignment store.

10.  Turn Down the Heat

It probably doesn’t take much to heat your apartments in Chico California, but even so, putting on a sweatshirt and turning down the heat at night and while you’re away can save you dollars on your energy bill.

11. Resist Retail Therapy

Whether you’ve had a bad day and need to boost your spirits or just accomplished something great and want to reward yourself, avoid going shopping! You’ll just end up spending money on something you don’t need. Put your energies elsewhere by calling up a friend or going for a hike in the park.


If you find yourself with an increase in rent at apartments in Chico California, try just a few of the tips above to save a little bit extra each month that can make up for it. If you like where you live then it will be worth it. For more tips on rental living, check out our Rental Resources!

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