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4 Ways Living in Chico Makes Apartment Searching Easier

Dec 26, 2018 9:21:09 AM / by Janet Armstrong

Girl_on_Laptop.jpgApartment searching is hard enough, especially if you prefer doing as much of your research online as possible, and only want to talk to an actual person when you're ready see the place in person. In many cities today, you have to dig around to find what you're looking for. We thought making you do more work than necessary was preposterous, so we made it easy. In fact, here is how Living in Chico will help your apartment search.

1.  Online access from anywhere

Our website makes it easy for anyone and everyone to just type it into the URL bar and click enter. It will send you to an easy-to-navigate website that has everything you need. Not only will you find an apartment that fits your needs, but you'll find one that's a little bit of fun too.

2.  Video tours of complexes

For each of our 12 complexes we have short virtual tours that will give you an idea of what you would see if you visited in person.

Each video gives you a look at the clubhouse for each complex, the pool, and other amenities. It also will take you on a short walk through some of the grounds around the property. Lastly, you get to tour the inside of one of the models to get the look and feel of what you could be living in if you chose that apartment complex.

Taking a virtual tour allows you to gain more information about each complex so when you call to schedule a visit, you know which ones you like the best and want to see in person.

3.  List of amenities for each complex

One of the cool things about the homepage of our website is the interactive map. If you hover over one of the buildings it will tell you the name of the complex and give you a short description and picture.

You can then click on it to find out more information about that particular complex. Part of the information we give you is a list of the amenities found within the complex and also the awesome amenities that come with every apartment in that particular complex.

So right off the bat you can see if a property has all that you require. If not, then you can go back to the homepage and click on another complex. No need to call and ask about each place; you can find all you're looking for with just a click.

4.  Floor Plans

If you find that you need a floor plan with measurements to fully understand what each apartment has to offer, don’t worry because we have those too! Each complex varies on size including the number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms.

You can see if the complex you're looking at has the right number of each once you click on a complex from the homepage, just two tabs to the left of amenities. No need to go searching far and wide for those measurements to see if all your furniture will fit.

When it comes to apartment searching there are many options out there to choose from. Living in Chico wants to make it not only easier for you to find a place you love, but funner too. We strive to be as helpful as can be on our website before you even have to pick up a phone and call us. Hopefully with our help you can find exactly what you’re looking for in one of our Living in Chico apartments.

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